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Smart grid is a self-healing grid

The smart grid is to inject new technologies into the grid, including advanced communication technology, computer technology, information technology, automatic control technology and electrical engineering, to give power to a kind of artificial intelligence, so that it has a strong adaptability, become a fully automated power supply network.

Smart grid is the inevitable trend in the development of grid technology. In recent years, communication, computer, automation, and other technologies in the power grid has been extensive and organic fusion of traditional power technology, which greatly improves the intelligence level of the power grid. Sensor technology and the application of information technology in the power grid, provided technical support to system analysis and decision-making support, make it possible to network self-recovery. Scheduling technology, automation technology, and mature development of the facts, for the development and utilization of renewable energy sources and distributed generation provides basic guarantees. Perfection of communication network and user information collection technology application, promotion of network and user interaction. With the further development and application of new technologies and integrated with physical height grid, smart grid came into being.
"Healing" refers to the problematic grid components isolated from the system as well as in cases where little or no human intervention to make the system quickly returns to its normal operating state, and thereby almost uninterrupted electricity services to the users. In essence, self-healing is the smart grid's "immune system". This is the most important feature of smart grid. Self-healing continuous online self assessment grid to predict the network issues that may arise, and find problems already exist or are in development, and to take immediate steps to control or correction. Self-healing grid to ensure grid reliability, safety, power quality and efficiency. Self-healing grid will reduce power service interruptions as much as possible full application of data acquisition technique to implement decision support algorithms to avoid or limit the interruption of electricity supply, rapidly restoring electricity services. Based on real-time measurement of probability risk assessment will determines most has may failed of equipment, and power plant and line; real-time emergency analysis will determines grid overall of health level, triggered may led to grid fault development of early warning, determines whether needs immediately for check or take corresponding of measures; and local and the remote equipment of communications will help analysis fault, and voltage low, and power quality poor, and overload and other not hopes of System State, based on these analysis, take appropriate of control action. Healing power often used to connect more than one power supply network design. Dang appeared fault or occurred other of problem Shi, in grid equipment in the of advanced of sensor determines fault and and near of equipment for communications, to resection fault components or will user quickly to switch to also of reliable of power Shang, while sensor also has detection fault precursor of capacity, in fault actual occurred Qian, will equipment situation told system, system on will timely to made warning information.
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