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Continue the construction planning for high-speed rail brings more convenience

The morning of January 17, the national railway work Conference held in Beijing. Sheng guangzu, Party Secretary and Minister of railways made a new situation in the development of railway science, for a comprehensive well-off society and make new contribution to the completion of the report. Mr Sheng guangzu, noted that by the end of 2012, the national railway operating mileage reached 98,000 kilometers, ranking second in the world, high-speed railway operating mileage 9356 kilometers, ranking first in the world. According to the "Twelve-Five" three years after the railway construction plan in 2013 in the railway schedule to invest 650 billion yuan in fixed assets, with investment of 520 billion yuan in capital construction, commissioning new line over 5200 km.

Over the past few years, the development of high-speed rail in China achieved rapid successes, China's high-speed rail track success of nothing, runs from Chase to the front-runner in this difficult process, and ultimately reap the fruits of joy, making China's high-speed rail show new achievements for the development of China's reform "national card". By December 2012, the national railway operating mileage reached 98,000 kilometers, ranking second in the world, high-speed railway operating mileage 9356 kilometers, ranking first in the world. Meanwhile, the level of railway scientific and technological innovation in China increased significantly, in areas such as high-speed rail, the plateau railway, heavy-haul transportation led to a series of scientific and technological innovations, and overall skill level into the ranks of the advanced world. In 2013, the railway will greatly enhance the railway scientific and technological innovation ability, fully implement the "Twelve-Five" railway technology planning, promote the scale powers by the railway in China railway technology powerhouse. And in the "Twelve-Five", the railway again arrange fixed-asset investment, and put into production new line over 5200 km, railway construction in China more and more perfect and brings new opportunities and challenges for China's economic development.

China Inland vast and deep, large population and unbalanced resource distribution and industrial distribution, rail traffic in the comparative advantages of the various modes of transport, has played a particularly important role in the economic and social development and function. To this end, development railway became my work out a blueprint for long-term development planning. In January 2004, the Executive meeting of the State Council examined and approved in principle the medium-and long-term railway network plan, identified China's high-speed railway development plans. In 2008, adjustments have been made to that plan, identified by 2020 to build more than 16,000 kilometres of passenger dedicated line. According to the medium-and long-term railway network plan, China's high-speed railway development, "four longitudinal and four transverse" as the key to build high-speed passenger networks the main skeleton to form fast, convenient, large capacity for railway passenger transport channel, progressive realization of transport of passenger and freight lines. On September 28, 2012, the official opening of zhengwugaotie operation on October 8, hadagaotie start test run, December 2, jingguanggaotie completed, so that the medium-and long-term railway network plan for high-speed rail in "four vertical" lines all through, means that China's high-speed railway operational map will have a significant refresh.

China high-speed rail construction development again and again by made of brilliant results, is Mor, and many railway builders, and research personnel, years of worked and sweat, and hard plowing, and overcome heavy difficult, constantly to studied, and research, and according to my railway development of actual, in original innovation, and integrated innovation and digestive absorption again innovation, thereby out of has has China features of "China high-speed rail" this a Zhang bright of card. In particular geographical location, different weather and climate to make high-speed rail in China wither under various conditions such as environment, climate, temperature, safety of China's high-speed railway technology is more mature. Due to our vast and varied climate gives conditions for anywhere in the world, the railway and the Foundation.

Regardless of is cold of Northeast, also is hypoxia of in Qinghai-Tibet plateau, and high temperature hot of HA Rowe railway, China railway builders conquered has a items and a items world Shang difficult research of high-speed rail, and electrification technology Shang of blank, thereby makes my electrification railway not only total mileage jumped first, in technology and construction quality Shang also reached world leading level, construction scale and speed, go in world forefront. Technology and equipment level, achieve the historical leap and become in the world's history of railway construction technology of high-speed railway, electrified railway safety leader. According to reports, the "Twelve-Five" at the end, China will be basically completed by "four longitudinal and four transverse" for the nation's rapid rail network for high speed railway, rapid railway operating mileage of more than 40,000 kilometers, in which high-speed rail mileage around 18,000 kilometers, including 200-250 km of high-speed railways 11300 km per hour, produced 6,700 kilometers 300-350 kilometers per hour, the basic coverage of city of more than 500,000 people. By then, people will enjoy the convenience of high-speed rail.

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