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Our blueprint for the future development of sensor

Sensors are small and powerful, which are used in modern electronic products, expanding its technical orientation, and the size of the market developed a development planning for some time to come. Sensor market in China has been steadily rising in recent years, growing faster than 15%, industrial process control, automotive electronics and communications and consumer electronics for the four major areas of application, including industrial and automotive electronics products accounted for a market share of around 42%.
 Sensors are the basis of electronic information equipment manufacturing industry products, is to focus on the development of special components of new type electronic components. Sensor industry as domestic and international recognition of promising high-tech industries, with its high technological content, good economic returns, penetration ability, broad market prospects, and other characteristics of the eye of the world. Driven by the booming electronic information industry market, my sensor has formed a certain industry and technological innovation, independent research and development, commercialization and competitiveness have made great strides, has made important contributions to promoting the development of the national economy.
 At present, is in rapid development of the Internet industry will drive the sensor market is growing rapidly. We are now back to the wisdom of the city over the need to use the Internet of things technologies, access to view the amount of data per minute, delivering terminal's development is directly related to smart city development, we always collect through sensor related data. Therefore, in the areas of sensors, manufacturers all over the world will come to a very big opportunity. My as a is strongly promotion property networking technology national, sensor technology development on must with Shang domestic property networking development of pace, but facts is, my can for production sensor species only more than 6,000 more species, and global has more than 20,000 more species sensor, from long-term see, as property networking cover range of expanded, existing of homemade sensor species certainly cannot meet big range promotion needs, so domestic sensor industry needs introduced abroad technology of while, accelerated autonomous research to meet domestic needs.
 According to the analysis, sensor industry development in China, domestic demand for sensors, especially high-end demand heavily dependent on imports, domestic production gap is huge, 80% sensor imported shares currently, sensor chip imports amounted to 90% per cent. Urgent domestic demand. Sensor vendors occupy the low-end market in China from the perspective of development, sensor manufacturers in China have three things: one is private or joint-venture products occupy the lower end of the market, traditional means of technology and equipment can meet the requirements of the vast majority of products manufactured, market development is in good shape. Except in respect of individual varieties of foreign individual manufacturers produce chips domestically packaging related products, to occupy a larger share of the market, but other high-end products are foreign firms in monopoly.
 Sensor market in China has been steadily rising in recent years, faster than the 15%. 2012 China sensors in four main areas of application for industrial control, automotive electronics and communications and consumer electronics, industrial and automotive electronics products accounted for a market share of around 42%. 2012 1 March, spurred by Internet industry, sensors the size of the market in China reached 17.21 billion yuan, an increase of 23.3%. According to the National Bureau of statistics, 2012 1 March, China's total production of various types of sensors and 1.17 billion, an increase of 13.7%. Imports and exports, according to the Customs figures showed that by March 2012, imports grew about 40%; export less?  export Dang AO Jia made a night called vomit-Hangzhou Tae operation compromise cut export all the harmonic content ? Korea), exports to Europe fell significantly, with export growth to the EU minimum.
 Planning under clear lists future 5 years focus development of products and technology, including meet next-generation electronic machine development needs of new tablets type of, and miniaturization, and integrated of, and high reliable electronics products; meet my new traffic equipment manufacturing supporting needs of quality, and key electronics; for energy environmental equipment supporting of electronics and environmental type electronics; for next-generation communications technology supporting of electronics; for new energy and smart grid industry supporting of Electronics; new electronics material and equipment. Including sensor based on MEMS technology, environmental monitoring equipment using gas sensors, flow sensors, humidity sensors, and so on. February 2012, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued by the Internet of things "Twelve-Five" in the planning, also referred to the development of micro-and focus on the project smart sensors and wireless sensor networks.

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