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How to use Insert electromagnetic flowmeter

Plug-in on the application of Ultrasonic Flowmeter in large caliber pipeline measurement of dirty water and water flow rate of liquid flow meter lot, but still have sex. In measurement in the, some measuring stream instrument due to can moving part was debris winding, led to its precision declined, even cannot using  some due to instrument internal a species using components was debris cover, effects normal made news, some due to scaling effects using, while big pipeline of flowmeter too bulky, installed transport extremely inconvenience, and price expensive, energy serious,, while, also has part measuring stream instrument user easily master using and maintenance technology, difficult promotion. Insert type Ultrasonic Flowmeter, electromagnetic flow meter solves these problems better.
, Insert the structure and principle of Ultrasonic Flowmeter
1. Insert type Ultrasonic Flowmeter structure and principle
Inserted type Ultrasonic Flowmeter Converter and insert the sensor. Insert the sensor by positioning the base consisting of core, ball valves, sensors.
Works: ultrasonic through liquids, liquids have minimal impact on the plug, plug the transmission time is proportional to the flow rate of liquids.
2. Structure and the principle of insertion electromagnetic flowmeter
Insert Electromagnetic Flowmeter Converter and a single insertion type sensor. Insert the sensor with the ball and without the ball valve in two ways.
Measuring principle and its working principle is based on the Faraday law of electromagnetic induction. When the surrounding of conductive liquid flows into the bin when measuring tube in the magnetic field, in the direction perpendicular to both the velocity and magnetic field would produce EMF is proportional to the average velocity v e. B is a constant magnetic field strength (coil current control), monitoring of distance from the electrodes is fixed, so liquid velocity v is the only variable charging momentum for e, and flow magnetic flowmeter output signal into a linear relationship.
Second, the technical parameters and technical characteristics
Insert Insert electromagnetic flowmeter type Ultrasonic Flowmeter and the best feature is installed without cut-off power
Can be installed with pressure. While foot pipe, value for money is excellent. Choice is a large pipe flowmeter.
1. Insert all technical characteristics of ultrasonic flowmeters ultrasonic flowmeters
Unaffected by temperature, pressure, density, conductivity accuracy and effect of
Sensor structure is simple, without the throttle body, not blocked
Can display instantaneous flow, instantaneous flow rate, positive and negative, net cumulative quantity today flow, heat, etc.
Memory function: memory, years of accumulation and loss of power on time.
Two circuit signal can be input (temperature, pressure, liquid level)
Output options: RS232/485 4-20   mA/0-2 mA
OCT total pulse frequency
With networking and troubleshooting capabilities
Programmable volume (metering) controller
2. Insert type Ultrasonic Flowmeter for DN80-DN2400 pipes (DN2400 need instructions)
Insert Electromagnetic Flowmeter electromagnetic flowmeter technology also have features:
Low cost;
No moving parts, and media solutions contact parts are made of stainless steel material, long service life;
Easy to install, maintenance-free;
A specification of the flow sensor can be used in a variety of pipe diameter, brings much convenience to selection and use;
Insert Electromagnetic Flowmeter apply to DN200-DN2000 pipe (DN2000 required).
Third, market applications
Insert the meter as the gradually deepening understanding of the it users a wide range of applications, quality and low price of insert flowmeter has found its own market position. Hubei Daye steel long water pipes are made of the more than 300 DS insertion flowmeter, runs for three years has never had any problems, better addresses the problems of measurement, from purchase to production of measuring saves a lot of money. Power mist of Shanghai HongQiao airport, China, ulanhot hundreds of power plants and other units using DS insertion flowmeter, have resulted in significant economic benefits.
IV insertion flowmeter calibration and calibration cycle
1. Demarcate: online Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter calibration of high precision, measured more than four times, and the mean. (In the process note that Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter installation error correction)
2. Back factory calibration: Insert Flowmeter Converter of sensors are easy to remove, along with return to factory, factory calibration would be an option.
3. Calibration cycle: applications from current market conditions, insert the meter does not require calibration in three years. But if calibration is required, or you can set calibration period is one year.
Five, lessons
To sum up, insert the liquid flow meter best suited for large diameter users are recommended to DN300 diameter of insert flowmeter can be installed.

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