The rail bottom slope measuring instrument

Product Name: Track bottom slope measuring instrument

Product Model:HT1-S0H5

【Product description

        Because the main part of the wheel tread is the 1:20 slope.To make the top of rail fore evenly under the load of a conical tread wheel,rail should be tumbling-in not vertical,The inner inclination of the rail is called the rail bottom slope.

The product is fast, easy to use,both in the daytime and at night. It is an ideal measuring tool for public works and engineering departments.


Working range: ±1:10 to ±1:200

Accuracy: ±0.05°

Resolution: 0.01°

Working temperature: -30°C~+60°C

Running time: ≥50 hours

Overall size: 230 (long) ** 100 (wide) ** 110 (high) mm

Weight: 1.42KG


1, stable performance, protection of electromagnetic interference, integrated structural design, lightweight and portable;

2, with a magnetic self-priming function, stick to the measuring surface when used, directly display the measurement data;

3, can quickly display the results of the curve high value;

4, the data display is clear and intuitive, the font can be enlarged, the brightness can be set;

5, temperature range: -30 °C ~ +60 °C;

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