Level 1 track gauge display



Hite track gauge display dedicated to railway track state detection, switch geometry, it USES the forefront of the microelectronics technology and intelligent data processing system, through the software arithmetic, converting Angle value level (high) value, counting directly, digital display, measuring the operation is simple, human, is suitable for all-weather, all can use in all kinds of natural environment.

Functional features

1, test standard gauge track level (high), gauge, for compliance interval and back support distance;

2, automatic storage test data, the fault judgment;

3, large-screen OLED display, clear and intuitive;

4, measurement accuracy, used to measure the railway speed is not more than 250 km/h lines;

5, with temperature compensation to reduce error;

6, less buttons, simple operation;

7, light on the market of electronic scale

8, super long standby: large capacity battery, can work continuously 7 working days.

Technical parameters

Accuracy: level 1

Level (ultra) measurement range (185 ~ + 185) mm

Level (ultra) resolution: 0.1 mm

Level (ultra) zero error: + / - 0.2 mm

Level (ultra) error maximum value: + / - 0.45 mm

Level (ultra) turn error: 0.40 mm or less

Standard gauge measuring range (1435) : 1410 ~ 1470 mm

For compliance interval measurement range (1391) : 1381 ~ 1401 mm

Back support distance measuring range (1348) : 1338 ~ 1358 mm

Gauge error maximum value: + / - 0.25 mm

"According to the standard"

1, the standard gauge railway track gauge TB/T 1924-1924

2, the standard gauge railway track gauge JJG219-2015


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