Digital display track gauge ruler (electronic)


Product name: zero level track gauge display

【 product introduction 】

Hite track gauge display using the cutting edge of microelectronic technology, embedded sensors and intelligent data processing system, to collect data for precise analysis. And come with temperature compensation function optimization (can impact on the environment temperature for automatic correction) temperature drift is small, good stability, counting, measuring the operation is simple, human, can be used for all weather. Suitable for high-speed rail, railway bureau, construction bureau and other railway track-laying and maintenance.

【 product technical parameters】

Gauge measuring range: 1410 ~ 1470 mm

Ultra high measurement range: 1410 ~ 1470 mm

guard rail check gauge: 1381 ~ 1401 mm

"According to the standard"

1, the standard gauge railway track gauge TB/T 1924-1924

2, the standard gauge railway track gauge JJG 219-2015


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