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   The Xiangyang Haite Measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd. was established in April 2007, and incubation park is located in northwest Hubei Province and the economic center of Xiangyang City High-tech high-tech industries.

    Engaged in a smart grid, Internet of Things, automotive sensors, high-speed rail special test equipment and other embedded software product development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises, and Xiangfan College of production, learning and research laboratory, and formed a professors, doctors and other high-end talent as the main innovation, R & D team, with strong product innovation, research and development capabilities; built a system of new product development from market research, development, design, prototype testing, production and reserve until mass production. Since its establishment, focused in high technology content, with high-end equipment manufacturing industry is closely related to the development of critical infrastructure components. Anti-theft products multi-functional chronograph loss of pressure has been developed, and grid security products, the body close to the alarm, high-voltage electrified body temperature real-time monitoring system, significant number of railway gauge foot, high-precision inclination sensor , the photovoltaic power generation ZigBee-based real-time monitoring systems and other high-tech products; six national patent and an invention patent is being processed.

    One of the company s main product high-voltage electrified body temperature real-time monitoring system is used to protect the safe operation of power grid-line monitoring of smart grid devices, the product can not only weather-line monitoring, but also to solve the high voltage insulation problems of electromagnetic interference and maintenance-free first in the country to achieve the high-voltage power connector temperature real-time online monitoring, advanced and reliable equipment protection for the building of a strong grid, with good economic and social benefits. The project received the Ministry of Science and Technology Innovation Fund for financing of $ 800,000 through the technical appraisal of Xiangfan City Technology Bureau. The products have been successfully put into use, the power company in Jilin Province, Hubei, Hunan and other users reflect the good, the product only in Changchun, Jilin City, the power company Fuzhou substation invested 39 million yuan. The Xiangyang power company is also issued special documents to promote the product. The product can be used for real-time temperature monitoring of the substation and distribution transformers market is very broad. Currently my company has achieved the qualification of Jilin, Hubei, Hunan and other power companies.

    Significant number of railway gauge ruler is my company s other flagship product, this is an inspection, and maintenance of railway lines, to ensure the operation of the key equipment of railway safety. Since the product is related to railway safety, it must obtain permission from the Chief of the Ministry of Railways, currently, the only licensed company, including three manufacturers, market testing, to reflect the quality of our products is superior to other manufacturers. Meanwhile, the company also for the other two manufacturers of the core components of the product.

    Third of the company s products are high-precision angle sensor, which is widely used in aerospace, industrial automation, engineering machinery, high-rise buildings, rail cars, bridges, dams, petrochemical, coal mine safety monitoring, ship marine engineering, military inclination angle measurement sensor and electric power industries, we have made the key technology of the product at the leading level in the measurement accuracy of the product, the response frequency, and reliability.

    Photovoltaic power generation ZigBee-based real-time monitoring system is used for photovoltaic power generation monitoring, protection of the photovoltaic power generation system in the efficient operation of key equipment, the product and the city of photovoltaic equipment professional enterprise supporting and improve the technology of its products content and quality to achieve win-win situation, contribute to the development of the industry Xiangyang.

    Companies adhering to the innovative spirit, improve self-service to the community business philosophy, R & D investment accounted for more than 30% of sales revenue. Advanced testing, debugging, testing equipment, the value of the ratio of total fixed assets up to 40%. Class R & D team, a more complete development of equipment and complete technical information, forming a comprehensive product development management system.

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